02.22.18Steve Smith


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Steve Smith

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08.31.17Steven Willis

Hi Jim it was really good meeting you both Tuesday night...a great gig...hope you got home a bit quicker..we are enjoying boston and thanks for the info on jazz venues....Ive also ordered Marseille and looking forward to listening to it when we get home. Take care, Steven Willis

08.05.17David Sacrestano

Hey - do you give lessons? I play electric and upright bass and am stuck in a rut. I've been playing about 25 years. I live on Long Island.

07.01.17Sully Rhino

Hey dude ! Do you remember me ??
Bassist at jazz a vienne for the hiphop symphonique !!

When you come in paris call me if you need something and we will take a drink together


Hello mister Cammack ! Here I am, Abderraouf, from Tunisia, living in Malakoff, playing oud ... I hope you enjoyed the CDs ! Thank you for your performance monday in Marseille's Marseille !

03.23.17Nicolas Perrier

Hi !
I'm a jazz photographer for over 30 years..
Would you accept to make a link with my website ? I will do it too !!
Best regards,


02.08.17Mot Giacoio

Hi Jim, I saw you at Skitch's funeral but couldn't find you afterwards.
I'm sorry I couldn't make the after party as I would have liked to catch up on everything. I hear you live in Cornwall. Is that true? Hope to hear from you. Mot

02.08.17Mot Giacoio

Hi Jim, I saw you at Skitch's funeral but couldn't find you afterwards.
I'm sorry I couldn't make the after party as I would have liked to catch up on everything. I hear you live in Cornwall. Is that true? Hope to hear from you. Mot

12.05.16Brian Van Duyne

Hey Jim!

Great running into you earlier! Really enjoyed talking about Alembic basses and music! Hope to run into you at a jam session sooner or later! Have a great tour in Italy! --Brian

12.02.16Jim Cammack

Hey guys Jim here, just to let you know if you want to communicate with me directly please leave your contact information at my jimcammack1@gmail.com

07.06.16Guillaume BADOIL

Hi I'm Guillaume Badoil and I met you yesterday evening after your concert at Maubec ! I want to know if it could be possible to talk by email or another way because I'm interrested to the way you play bass and if it could be possible to have advices too. I have a last question what is if it is possible to buy an album with the compositions you played yesterday with your trio ?

thanks a lot for all,

Guillaume BADOIL

07.06.16Larry Roberts

Hello Mr. Cammack:
Each year, the Patchogue-Medford School District Music Department hosts a district-wide jazz event during the month of February. The groups that perform on "Jazz Night" are the Elementary Jazz Band (grades 5&6), 3 separate middle school jazz bands (grades 7/8th), and the high school jazz band. It is a wonderful evening of jazz music where each group performs separately culminating with a mass piece when all groups perform on stage for a grand finale. It is larger than life. I am fortunate to be the district-wide music director for a district that embraces the arts. The Patchogue-Medford community is a multi-cultural, blue collar, hardworking community that has always supported the music programs.

It is my understanding that you have done master classes and have been a guest clinician for public schools. . I was wondering would consider coming to the Patchogue-Medford School District in February of 2017 to be our guest clinician/artist for the 2017 District-wide Jazz Night. I have a jazz pianist on staff, Steve Mahr who would complete the rhythm section.

The commitment would include two rehearsal days Tuesday Feb.7 and Wednesday Feb. 8, 2017 working with the individual jazz bands, and then performing one or two charts with the high school jazz band and improvise with the mass finale Thursday night February 9, 2017. Attached is the schedule for this past year’s Jazz night.

I hope you are available and interested in being our guest clinicians for the 2017 Jazz Night.

06.16.16Bob Girard

Met you at APAP, saw you at Gin Fizz, messaged and asked you itinerary on Facebook

01.29.16Henry Heine

Hi Jim,
Nice talking to you about Alembic basses the other day!
Good luck,

01.07.16Kristen carew

Interested in private lessons for my son, Noah. Referred by mr mazzoferro and mr Leichtthammer in the Bayport blue point school district.
Do you have availability?
Thank you so much
Kristen Carew

12.02.15Keith Foley

Hello Mr. Cammack, i am curious as to what bass you are playing during the 1985 Montreal Jazz Festival. Thank you for your time.

11.15.15joel goldstein

Jimmy, It was good to see this afternoon. I'm sure that everyone that knows you from the USMA Band will be glad to know that you are doing so well.
Didn't get to tell you but I thought you ought to know that Harold Green just died recently and his son is hoping to have a memorial service here next Sunday. He would have been happy to see and say hi to you as I was.
At any rate, hope everything continues to go well for you and if you ever have the time, come see the rest of the Band alumni during June of each year.

10.17.15leon white

What would you recommend to a begining bassist who aspires to double on contrabass and electric


i have a dvd of one of your performances with LEPLEY & Bellucci

07.03.15Remi GUICQUERO

Hello James, I'm the bassist withe the Ibanez which you played on il Le Petit Bouchon Durring the Jam Session. I want to know What was your acoustic Bass durring your Master Class.
Please answer my question. Thanks

06.29.15Mathéo from Lyon

Hey James ,it's mathéo (matthew) from the jazz concert last friday . How are you ? It was an honnor to see you performing . This is my sister name for her website of guitar , bass and ukukele maker : Rapahëlle Hannequin
You can give her name to your friends who wants good sound bass and beautiful too , you can contact her she speaks english too ;)

12.30.14Heinrich Efros

Dear Sir or Madame,
My hobby is collecting autographs. So I would be very happy, if you could send me James Cammack's autograph for free, to put it in my collection.
My address:
Obere Bauscherstrasse 19
92637 Weiden

Thank you very much!
Kind regards!
Heinrich Efros

10.19.14Marty Aron

Hey James - wher hae you been? Let's get together one of these days. Let me know where you are playing so we can come see yo again.


09.10.14Cecil D'Souza

I've thoroughly enjoyed your melodious bass playing style with Ahmad Jamal (Rossiter Road, Pittsburgh, Crystal, etc).
I hope I get to hear & see you playing with other prominent Jazz artists in future.
Thanks to your bass playing style/talent - it gives me immense pleasure.
Om shanti.

06.10.14Sue Edick

Hi Jimmy,

You look the same now as you did in the army at West Point! Remember me? The female bassoonist? Glad to see you so successful!


Hey Jim! Tyrone here Whassup! Nice CD!
Been doing a little playing here and there with Bob B. here in Chicago.

04.28.14Yukihiro Murai

Hi Jim are you alright in Japan? I am Yuki an art painter have meet you in JFK and Narita. Do you remember me? Yesterday, I've check your play on YouTube. Oh it's great! You are realy profession artist. Exactly I am very glad to meet you. See you again. Yuki Murai


Hi Jim ! With Mr Jamal in Dublin ! Great !
Give us some news when you come to France !
Interested by giving a master class in our school music in Britanny ? Ibrahim Maalouf did it for trumpet come we have a bass for you !!
Bye Claire and Gwen

01.26.14gordon link

I was surprised to learn of your parting with Mr. Jamal. I feel in love with your playing on the Crystal recording and I would plove to work with someday after I get some of my chops down. I play drums.

Was that all upright on Crystal? Best of luck on your own stuff. I will be checking it out!

01.18.14Carl Cammack, Sr.

Nephew, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site! We (your family) are extremely proud of you! What an awesome bassist you are!

12.02.13Peggy Frank

I am 1 of the 3 ladies you meet on the LIRR train coming home after the Lady Dee show. Do you remember us? We loved the show and were so surprised and happy to meet you!
My husband & son (Ray & Ryan Frank) are attending the Wednesday night, Dec. 18 performance. Would it be possible for them to go backstage and meet you after the show? (the show part of their Christmas presents!)

Please let me know - thanks so much!
Peggy Frank pfrank53@aol.com

10.08.13Tina Kirsimae

It was so great to meet you tonight on the LIRR. Will let you know when my son comes to see you in the show. Maybe you could say hi after! Keep up the incredible music. It was a wonderful night in the theatre.

09.30.13Jon Noffsinger


Thank you for your superb playing tonight with Jeff Holmes. I'm very pleased that you were able to come share your knowledge with us at the University of Alabama. I look forward to your work tomorrow.



Hi James! It was so great to see and hear you at last nights performance...How funny was that we were at the same dinner place...That show and the band and Dee Dee stirs something in people! Congrats on being part of it..
Joy Sent, Darcey
Working on my show so hope to work together in the future!

09.17.13charlotte haug

hey james,
really enjoyed your magnificent performance in Beacon,keep in touch,and all the best with your new ventures in life,

08.31.13Danny Weller


Danny Weller, bassist here. It was great talking with you last night at Knickerbocker. I love your set up and I love your playing.

Wanted to drop you a line, in case you were interested in staying connected:

I would love to send you a copy of my latest album: Third Story, if you care to send me a mailing address.

Best of luck with finding an understudy for Lady Day. I would offer to audition, as I've had some off-Broadway experience with acting/performing on-stage, but I can understand if a young-looking White kid might not be the right look for that role!

Please add me to your mailing list if you have one, and I look forward to hearing you play again soon.

Danny Weller

08.29.13Bill McCrossen, bassist

Hey Jim, great speaking with ya, stay in touch. Peace, Bill


Hey James!
I just discovered you off a vinyl I purchased this weekend...called Ahmad Jamal Live at Montreal Jazz Fest 1985...Love your work on it! I am a bass player who working on my skills...If you have any books,practice ideas, or etc. you would recommend for my development...that would be great! Have a great day!

Music is about Generousity!

Evan Ducote

07.21.13Kate Nicolaou

Jim, I loved hearing you play in Northampton last week with the jazz and funk workshops on Tuesday. I'm hoping to seek you out in NY so I can hear more. Unfortunately, your event listings on this site are outdated. Do you have a listing of ipcoming performances?

06.23.13Steve wiles

I play a steady trio plus singer mon an fri in NYC east side pays $80 fri $70 mon if int get back immed 917-301-1130

04.07.13Alvaro Hattnher

Hi! I am a Brazilian fan and just stopped to say I admire your work a Lot!! Thanks for the great bass lines you gave us!!!

Best Always,
Alvaro Hattnher
São Paulo State University
São José do Rio Preto

03.16.13Biko Marrast

Hey how r u doing my its Biko that kid u met at lofish studio the other day... i was just checking out ur stuff.. its awsome man. I just requested u on facebook... u could check out some of my stuff when u get a chance... thanx man

03.12.13Mac Chrupcala

Hi Jim,
The new CD is out !!! Please send me an address to which I can send copies.. Purdie is working on some gigs and we will have a CD release party down your way and one in the Newport area.. When you send me the address please give me an idea of your schedule. Hope all is well.

03.03.13Alina Engibaryan

Hello mr. Cammack, it's Alina (from PP Conservatory in Groningen), thank you very much for great workshop and playing. Really happy that I sang duo with You . All the Best

02.28.13Valerie Feit

Your CD is fantastic. Absolutely love it!
Just in case - I am Scott Beall's ex- saw you at Howland Ctr. The sound, textures, originality & your playing blew me away. Awesome album. Congrats!

02.25.13Hans Mantel

Hey James,
Great running into you like that at the Amsterdam conservatory today! Have a good one. Maybe I'll see you before you leave.

All the best,


02.24.13sal cohen

Where are you appearing next?

02.23.13Rick Zimmermann

Bass ? Do you still play trumpet? Don't know if you remember me from CHHSE (High School) but its good to see you made a home for yourself in a career in music. Send me an e-mail if you get a chance it would be great to hear from you.

01.30.13Jon Green

Dear James,
I am now going back just over 20 years, but around 1991, my friend Andy Calder and I went to buy tickets to Mr. Jamal's concert at the Bird of Paradise in Ann Arbor, MI. We happened upon the band rehearsing, and we stuck around. Just fantastic. You had an Alembic then, as did my friend, and we came by later with a third bassist and compared Alembics. The show later that evening has been seared into my memory as one of the best shows I've ever seen. There's a whole other story as to the rest of that evening, but to this day I remember your graciousness to a buch of college kids, and your fantasic playing. I wish you all the bast, and look forward to seeing you next time in Detroit!

01.15.13Craig Privett

Hi James,
I have done some work with Naomi Margolin,
I was telling her I was looking someone to take some lessons with. She mentioned you with much praise, and from reading about you and listening to some tracks on your site, I dig where she is coming from. he wasn't sure if you taught, I figured i would give it a shot, I am an electric bass player, studied jazz performance at City College a couple semesters(couple years ago). I'm 51 years old and play many styles of music, jazz theory and language seem to cover all worlds. I appreciate your time man, either way it was great to get turned on to your playing.
Take Care,


Thé best


Thé best

12.04.12Ken Cammack

Nice Playing. Very kool stuff. Just saying hello. Although I do have something to ask you. Later.

12.03.12Charles Reckard

Saw you with Mac and Bernard in Newport Sunday. Thanks for a great show!

11.13.12Red Young

Here's some links for me...
www.black-red-black.com (organ trio)
www.austinjazzartists.com (haven't got around to finishing this one and doing anuything with it)
www.silvierider.com (my wife)

10.16.12Jeff Evans

Jim: Got the CD! It works! Like it! It's in heavy rotation on my kitchen CD player where I do most of my listening.



10.13.12Ray Funk

Greetings from Alaska. Ray Funk, producer/host of Funk Roots at KUAC-FM in Fairbanks just below the arctic circle here.I am writing because I am interested in getting promotional copy of your cd for my radio show called Funk Roots on Kuac-FM. The show is an eclectic mix of world music, roots music, and jazz. It is on every Sunday night from 7 pm to 9pm in Alaska. I have been on the air at KUAC as a volunteer dj and producer for 32 years and Funk Roots has been on the air for over twenty years. KUAC-FM is the local NPR affiliate and is rebroadcast on other stations throughout Alaska. It is also broadcast on the internet. See www.kuac.org. My playlists are now posted to a consolidated npr site I continue to have fun doing my show as a volunteer when according to recent reports this music is getting less and less coverage on public radio. Classical, jazz, and world music on public radio declined by up to 30% over the last decade and roots music cannot be far behind. Meanwhile, I have recently become a member of the artist selection committee for the Fairbanks Concert Association.I look forward to hearing from you.Ray FunkFunk Roots, KUAC-FMP. O. Box 72387Fairbanks, AK 99707 USA


Hey James greay to see you my nuber is 5165659404

10.08.12Wells Lucas Santo

Hey Jim,
Saw you play an amazing set at the Knickerbocker on Saturday night, and had quite the nice chat with you during your break. It was just a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we can stay in touch, especially once I start getting back in the jazz game over here on the East!
Cheers, - Wells

09.29.12Jeff Evans


Here is my address for mailing the CD:

Jeff Evans
51 Park Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040

I'll forward a photo or two from the Alexis Cole/Smoke/Art Pepper Project gig when I have worked on them.



07.31.12reinaldo figueiredo

I am this guy from Brazil that talked to you the other day at the Kitano. Thank you very much for your attention. Your web site is great and I will explore it more and more.
And if you have some time, look at the web site of my group, Companhia Estadual de Jazz:

07.31.12Kim Holst

Sitting this moment in Korsoer, Denmark, with mr. Horace Parlan listening to "Live in Paris 92" with Jamal.
Both of us having a great time :-)

07.21.12Hans Swaep

Hi James,
Your tone on the Ahmad Jamal CD "Live at Montreal Jaaz fest" is so amazing. I cannot believe it is an upright bass.
But it is, isn't it? If so, how do you get that wonderful growly sound as if from a jazzbass bridge pu?
And when can we see yo perform in Europe again?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

07.18.12Jeff Evans

James: Just heard you at St. Peters. I see that Akua Dixon inquired about her May 2012 Shanghai Jazz gig. I was there.

05.22.12akua dixon

Hi James, This is cellist Akua Dixon. Aziza gave me your name, I need a bassist to work with me this Friday and Saturday at the Shanghai jazz club in Madison, NJ. My number is 973-509-6597.

05.22.12akua dixon

Hi James, This is cellist Akua Dixon. Aziza gave me your name, I need a bassist to work with me this Friday and Saturday at the Shanghai jazz club in Madison, NJ. My number is 973-509-6597.

05.19.12Kees de Kooter

Dear Mr. Cammack,

Hope you do well.

I am going to miss you on this year's North Sea Jazz Festival!

Will you be playing in Europe this summer?

Kind regards,
Kees de Kooter

05.19.12Bob Wolfman

Hey jim,

How are you? I called and left a message, but got no reply from you....are you on the road? Anyway, just wanted to say Hello! and make sure you received all the audio files okay.....any questions, etc., please call me, okay?
Hope you are very well indeed!

Wolfie 617-549-0113

04.19.12Dana Marcine

Hi Jim! I am a vocalist friend of Vinnie Martucci. Vinnie and I work togethera lot He was commited to the gig and told me he was asking you...and then his daughter has a performance that night for er graduation. Help! I need a trio for the Montauk Music Festival on May 19th and 20th....Please call me at 607-435-5998....I don't have any contacts on LI....need to put it together....it will be a good gig...lets talk please....Dana

04.11.12BUREL Frederic

Hi james,

Wich strings do you used for upright bass..., pickup and/or preamp...
thanks a lot
Best regards

04.10.12Lloyd Haber

Hey James, we played a couple of times at Micky Mo's in Lynbrook. Wondering if you are available to do some gigs in the future. Lets talk... you have me email, my number is 516-425-2168


Had a blast last night and enjoyed chatting...will follow your itinerary and look for a chance to see you play with our 13 year old daughter, Molly, and having you play at my inauguration. Awesome!
Phil (Scollo for Congress-www.scollocongress.com)

03.20.12Michael Cooke

James, it's Michael here who sends you regards and love.
Was downright SHOCKED not to find you on Ahmad's new album. - Sincerely hope all is most well with you.
- Was a temporary separation? Or have you simply gone another way.
- Personally, terrible for me, no joke. My wife six months ago (with us having a 17 yr. old daughter and 15 yr. old son) asked me for a separation. Into the mix we had to leave our place at the same time. - They're all fine, I'm not. - Never been through so much suffering in my life.
- On that "down" note, I do hope you are most well. - I am so fond of you, as you know. - I send you warmest regards and blessings always. - Michael

02.17.12Jack Morelli

Hey James

I twas a pleasure to meet you and I had so much fun playing with you. Hope to do it again soon- glad you liked the food!

02.14.12sean parker

a recent reacquaintance with your massive singing bass on ahmad jamal's "rossiter rd" (which includes manolo's starburst percussion) has sent me running for your "both sides of the coin album." music is blessed to have a channel such as yourself.

02.12.12ronnie persson

I saw your play with Ahmad Jamal in Grenoblle ( Mezz)
how fantastic... 3 players and what a play with artistc humors..

12.11.11Jacki brandi

Your favorite massage therapist misses you! The web site looks great! Hope you are doing well. Peace and love and happy holidays to you!

11.24.11manolo badrena

had the privelege of working with mr.cammack many years with ahmad jamal.the musical knowledge,swing,technique,songwriting ability of mr.cammack is impecable,truly one of a kind.

10.25.11Danny Petrow

Hey, Jim, I 'm the guitar player from the Turning Point session last night. Man, you play great, I've never really heard anything like it. We were going to exchange info, here's mine:

Danny Petrow
646-872-4248 C

By the way, I see you're from Cornwall originally, my wife's an art teacher at Cornwall Central HS.

09.02.11Gabrielle Koehlhoeffer

Hello mister Cammack!

Again thank you for this wonderful meeting at the festival "Jazz in Marciac" this summer.
Thank you for the music, thank you for the jam session, thank you for your valuable advice during the master class!



08.29.11Heinz Gispert

Hallo Jim
I hope you remember me from the first morning in the Hotel in Ramatuelle, when you told me from your brandnew BMW M3.
I just wanted to know, if you had trouble with "Irene" on Long Island. We heard in the radio, that it was realy strong.
Best greatings from Heinz Gispert, the vegetable dealer


great website Jim!

07.12.11aloe blacc

Very nice to meet you. Keep in touch and I am sure we will cross paths again soon.

07.10.11sean and anne murphy

Hi Jim
Saw you last in Berne and I guess you are now in France. Are you staying around or performing just after the Foix festival late July? We will be in Perpignan July 28-August 2 and hoping to see you.
Best regards, Sean